Which Printer Should I Buy? LASER or INKJET?

by Maria Mangiardi
Laser printer or inkjet

Here is where you will learn which type of printer to purchase to suit your needs. Laser or Inkjet.

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The Differences Between Re-manufactured and Compatible Printer Cartridges

by Maria Mangiardi
Remanufactured or Compatible cartridges
First of all I need to start with YES original ink or toner cartridges are very expensive and in some cases are more expensive than the printer itself.  This is why people are shopping for remanufactured or compatible products. I’m sure if you have a printer at home or office you have searched for ink or toner replacement and you have seen the number of companies offering the replacements either compatible or remanufactured.

Reduce Printing Cost in your Office

by Maria Mangiardi
reduce the cost of printing
Printing cost is one of the expenses companies need to look at. Especially when you have a business that consumes a lot of printing, such as lawyers, publishers and so on.

There are many ways you can lower your printing cost. Lets name a few:

Printer Does Not Recognize the Compatible Cartridge

by Maria Mangiardi
Printer not recognizing the cartridge

This is very common problem people have especially if they are not familiar with how printers work. They receive messages when they replace the printer cartridge:

  • Ink/Toner cartridge is not compatible
  • Printer Cartridge is not detected
  • Cartridge is locked
  • No cartridge installed
  • Flashing No cartridge indicator
  • Or in some printers’ display shows the low ink or toner

Let’s see how to troubleshoot this.